Weekend Adventures

Oh Saturday.

What joyous times there were, ploughing one’s way through streets crowded with strollers and scouts and small children in dancing costumes. We went to the Eastwood Granny Smith Festival to see Jon Reichardt play. Damn, that festival should be banned, it was the most uncomfortable thing I have experienced by way of council community building efforts. The band was pretty cool though. It was worth sitting through an hour of six year olds in poorly fitted flourescent costumes and the Humphery B Bear show. It was the first time I heard Jon Reichardt play and it was soooo much cooler than the CD. Which is saying something.

In the afternoon, I trekked off on my own to Padstow to go to the Undaground gig. I was there cause for prayer support, not really to see the bands. And so, yeah it was my first gig I’ve been to without friends (aside from Geoff, the cool old man who is in charge of prayer support at a bajillion gigs). It was pretty cool though. Firstly and foremostly, because Lauren (notforanyone) was there, and I have seen her about five times this year. Also, I met a lot of new people, and I re-met a lot of people from Black Stump and other gigs I have been to. The only band I actually tried to listen to were Angela’s Dish. The way it worked out between the two stages meant that Geoff and I had to be where the music wasn’t, cause we were supposed to be with the artists who were setting up. But that was cool. My ears were still shot from Eastwood anyway.

But oh, this praying thing is making me realise how much I don’t pray. I turned up at the gig last night and it hit me that I had gone the whole day barely thinking about God beyond a superficial “the group of people I am with at the moment is nearly entirely christian. Baha that was a funny christian in-joke”. And yet, I was supposed to be helping people keep their focus on God and all that. It was a pretty embarassing slap in the face. And then at church tonight, to realise how I have been neglecting my year 12 friends at church, the guys who were pretty much my only friends at church this time last year. I have been praying for every other year 12 kid I know, but not those guys 😐 What happened? And then other people at church and then online, asking me to pray for things to help them out, for other people who are struggling. And I am still here, online. Still not praying -__-

I should go do that now, me thinks.


4 thoughts on “Weekend Adventures

  1. Anonymous

    Kneeling down and talking at God is not all that prayer is about. You don’t have to go off and churn words to the exclusion of all else, telling God things He doesn’t already know. You can pray by your deeds – sure, it is good and noble to ask God to help your friends, but don’t you think physically helping them is also a prayer? It is a way of giving glory and thanks to Him that gave you the power to aid them.

    Remember this too when you study – if you find trouble keeping motivated, ask God to help you remember that you are doing all this for him. Your major occupation as a disciple right now is student, and your ministry is learning. Do it well, because it is for His mission you toil. =)

    Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam!



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