First day of Stuvac, and I have read one sociology article. I’m on my way!

At Hills Heist a few weeks ago, one of Adrock’s friends, probably one of his youth kids, asked for my email. It was a little weird cause I barely knew the kid, but there you go. He started talking to me earlier this evening. After boring small talk, I mentioned that uni had finished for the year…

Kid: u r in uni?
Me: yeah first year
Kid: how old r u?
Me: 19
Me: lol how old did you think I was?
Kid: i thought u were like 14 or 15
Kid: woow
Kid: i dunno wot to say
Me: lol I am so immature
Me: I am the same age as adrock 😛
Kid: woow
Kid: well u wona no wot i thought
Kid: but dont take offence
Kid: i thought u were prety hot for a 14 yr old


I am so weirded out by this, the only thing I can do is report it on my LJ

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  1. Anonymous

    “Me: lol how old did you think I was?”

    Did you actually say “lol”? Did you pronounce it by the letter like “l-o-l” or actually pronounce it “lol”?

    1. Anonymous

      I keep getting asked if I’m a mature age student. Last year at uni (back in Sydney where everyone was the same age as myself) one of the guys actually thought I was thirty-something.


      Oh yeah, props to you for GETTING HIT ON BY A MUNCHKIN


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