I was just watching parliament on TV and I had to leave the room cause the Liberal government is making me incredibly mad. Ugh.
Peter Costello was there going on about how the Labour government uses fear tactics to block economic reform. This is incredibly rich coming from the party whose entire election campaign was based on fear of terrorists and interest rate increases.


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  1. tibbycat

    Argh, just watching it too at the moment and ugh… getting.. angry.

    Call me cynical, but the timing of this new terrorist threat too is a little too convenient. The govt wants to ram in its new anti-terrorism law, they face resistance, and suddenly there’s a rumoured terrorism threat on Sydney or Melbourne?

    In the words of Homer Simpson, “Hmmm, how convenient!”

    I read the story of The Boy Who Cried Wolf too Mr Howard.

    1. pinhead22886

      But if you care to take any notice at all, the bill that was rushed through the parliament was not the government’s anti-terrorism legislation which has had some controversy. Rather, it was an ammendment to an existing piece of legislation which had the unwaivering support of both sides of parliament. Pull your head out of your arse. You’re making lefties look worse (if that’s even possible).

      What John Howard did, in fact, was a very clever little piece of politics. He directed attention away from the unpopular workplace changes onto the issue of counter-terrorism. Although this may not be a good thing, he’s an clever man.

      1. tibbycat

        Unwavering support? The Labor party has been divided over this amendment. I hardly call that “unwavering support”.

        He’s clever but he’s also manipulative and dishonest.

      2. pinhead22886

        Labor hasn’t been divided over that amendment at all! What they’ve been divided over is the government’s new anti-terrorism legislation, which hasn’t passed through parliament yet.

      3. tibbycat

        That’s not what I said.
        I’m sure there have been plenty of Labor leaders who have been manipulative and dishonest. I have my doubts about the current one even.

        But we’re not talking about Labor leaders. We’re talking about the ironically named “Liberal” party leader, The Dishonourable John Howard.

      4. pinhead22886

        Of course that’s the way it appears, but you’ve already demonstrated your ignorance of the issues, so I don’t know that your assertions about his character can really be trusted.

      5. tibbycat

        I demonstrated my misunderstanding of what you were talking about.
        John Howard has already demonstrated his dishonestly countless times.

        For example, “there will be no GST ever” – John Howard

        or we could talk about imaginary children being allegedly thrown overboard the tampa

        and so it goes

      6. pinhead22886

        Well the GST is clutching at straws. Sure he said it, but dishonesty and deception are two things which need to be deeply rooted in intent. Howard said that years before he was even elected as PM, and I don’t think he was saying it with the deliberate intent to spring it on the public at a later date to their detriment. Of course, you believe what you will, but the fact remains that its the best tax reform this country’s ever experienced.

        The Tampa incident, admittedly, I don’t know all that much about. Suffice to say a lot of deception goes on during election campaigns, in every corner of the ring. Doesn’t mean its right.

      7. tibbycat

        He said it many of times, and then when he was reminded he said that it was a “non core promise”. Also known as a lie.

        As was the tampa incident. It was a bald faced lie telling the public that something happened when it didn’t happen in order get public support for the govt in the looming election. In fact, it was scare tactics – “Look Australian people, the evil foreigners are throwing their children overboard, you don’t want crazy people like that here do you? Vote for us and we’ll keep them out!!” This lie appealed to redneck Australian voters such as.. Cam, and hey, the government was back in power! “Honest John?” Pfft!

  2. pinhead22886

    I’m sensing a little bit of animosity here…

    I have to admit, I’m not too sure about these new workplace reforms… Seem perhaps a tad extreme. But you can’t deny that generally speaking, the coalition government has done a good job managing the economy during their time. Its just that lefties dont have a brain between them, so they can’t understand anything at all about economics.

    Of course both sides are using scare tactics, and of course both sides are accusing the other side of using scare tactics. Its called politics, and has very little to do with the fact that they’re from the Liberal party… 😎

    1. woodwell

      gosh. way to insult everyone.

      “lefties” have just as much brain as “righties” or “fascists” or whatever youwant to call them. And so what about the economy? Surely people’s lives and rights are way more important than how much money we have in the bank.

      1. pinhead22886

        You dig your grave deeper, because without a healthy economy, your life and mine would fall to pieces. The fact that you seem to think that economics is about how much money you have in the bank just shows what a simplistic viewpoint is taken by those whose only aim is to complain about every decision that’s made by the government (which ironically they helped elect).

  3. lixila

    i can’t watch parliament on tv. ever. they’re like little children in the playground in kindergarten–the violent, naughty children screaming insults at each other.

  4. mmaster

    Yeah. Yesterday I realised that I truly had no respect for any of the levels of government that affect me. It was this story that truly clinched the matter for me.


  5. woodwell

    Alison: I dream of starting a left wing political part made up intirely of christians. are you in?

    think of it: human rights as the number one issue, Loving everyone! we’d be bankrupt but we’d be great!

      1. tibbycat

        It’s bad when your textbooks at school are falling apart whereas students in schools in the north shore are being issued laptops by the school. Where’s the equity and fairness in that? Why should poor citizens be given a poorer education experience than students with wealthier parents?

        “We’re creating an egalitarian society” said Howard once at a post election victory speech gloat. What a load of crap. Come and live in the south western suburbs and you’ll see that Sydney is anything but an egalitarian society as the poor get poorer and the richer get richer and for those stuck in the poverty trap it’s ain’t easy to break out of it thanks to this government.

      2. pinhead22886

        Again you seem to not understand the issue. Public education funding is a state government responsibility. If they didnt waste millions and billions of dollars on crappy toll roads that noone wants to use and that collapse, swallowing people’s homes, perhaps they could invest in some quality text books.

        I don’t like private schools any more than you do, but I got a great education, and a great mark through the public school system, and I have no money. All you need is a brain. Perhaps if kids didn’t fry their brains with drugs and act like such deviants they might learn something from school. Of course, that’s a much more complex and tragic social problem. School funding is the tip of the iceberg.

        Australia has one of the most generous transfer payments systems in the western world.

      3. tibbycat

        I have a book recommendation for you Brad (and everyone else). It’s called Not Happy, John and it’s by Margo Kingston. I’ll quote the back of the book:

        Not Happy, John, with the way:

        + you snuck us into hte Iraq war without every really telling us why
        + you trample on our democratic right to know
        + you’d like to give Media Moguls control of ALL our news
        + a Big Donation lets Big Business share a barbecue with you and George W
        + you let President Bush ambush OUR Parliament – and then let President Hu roll us all over again, the next day
        + you use ‘globalisation’ to avoid accountability
        + you treat us aas passive consumers – not as CITIZENS and people of goodwill

        Margo Kingston, one of Australia’s most fearless political journalists, think it’s crunch time for Australia. Not Happy, John! is a gutsy, anecdotal book with a deadly serious purpose: to lay bare the insidious ways in which John Howard’s government has profoundly undermined our freedoms aand our rights.

        She doesn’t care whether you vote Liberal or Labor, Greens or One Nation. She isn’t interested in the old, outworn left-right rhetoric. What she’s passionate about is the urgent need for us to reassert the core civic values of a humane, egalitarian, liberal democracy. Her clear-eyed dissection of the Howard government – simply the most electrifying and enlightening forensic foray you’re ever likely to read – shows precisely HOW WE CAN ACT TOGETHER NOW TO TAKE BACK OUR AUSTRALIA.

      4. tibbycat

        I take your point about public schooling being a state govt responsibility and I agree. The state Labor govt is just as bad.

        But, you live in Ryde and you went to Fort Street. I guarantee that you have more money and that you got a better education than the majority of kids from housing commission homes who went to my school in Macquarie Fields and whose parents were in jail or addicted to alcohol or other drugs. Chris and I were exceptions among our classmates due to having supportive middle class parents, but for many kids there, year 12 was a more unlikely goal than it would’ve been for kids at Fort Street.

        Of course you could say, “well, get a job, get an education, and get yourself out of the poverty trap” but you’d be speaking from an ivory tower because when you’re getting limited support from your school and your parents it can’t be easy. Plus, with the limited amount of places available in tertiary education, there’s a lot of kids in the south-west who are stuck at being checkout chicks and street cleaners for life.

        And yes, I blame the state govt too, but the federal govt isn’t without blame. Universities are underfunded for example. And this new workplace law that the govt wants in won’t exactly help low paid workers if their boss can fire them easier.

      5. pinhead22886

        I’ve already said I dont really like the new industrial relations changes. I also said that poverty is a complex social issue that can’t be solved by any one level of government.

        But the suburb of my residence had nothing to do with the funding my school received. Many of the kids at Fort St were from pretty poor working class families.

        I wouldnt say “well, get a job, get an education, and get yourself out of the poverty trap”, because Im not that naive.

      6. waterphaerie

        I wish everyone wouldnt bag private schools out so much. Seriously. Like, dont get me wrong. I KNOW that we are incredibly priveleged, i know that. And i probably do take it for granted much of the time. But i think there is a sterotype that “private school people” All have money to throw away, that they’re all stuck up snobby little bitches who get everything laid out on the table for them. To an extent some of that may be true about some people, but i just wish people would remember that we ARE real people and we still have the same issues as everyone else.

        I also think people dont understand, that we too have problems within our families. I know many girls in grade who’ve had parents die, divorced, abuse them physically, emotionally and sexually, i have friends at similar schools to mine whose parents are abusive alcoholics who make their kids so depressed that the kids decide to work out every single minute to get their anger out- which leads them to being the top footy player in their school and yet, no-one knows- they think they work out cos they want to, but actually it’s cos it stops worse things happening.

        I know girls in my grade whose parents dont give a shit about where they are, whose parents bag them out for their weight and drive them to eating disorders, i also know people at my school and others who have their parents make them feel terrible by putting pressure on them because they’re fortunate to go to a school that gives many opportunities, and that pressure to perform has driven them to suicide. It’s not always greener on the other side.

        I can’t help being brought up where i was. It isn’t my fault. I just hope that when you guys met me and when you think of me now you dont see me as some plastic doll who thinks she’s so good, that i’m a snobby private school bitch. I try not to act that way, and i certainly hope I dont fit into that stereotype that everyone has about us.

    1. tibbycat

      Oh oh ohh, can I join?

      I have some policies worked out already:

      Policy on women: Free ice-cream for all menstruating women.

      Policy on immigration: Free ice-cream for all immigrants.

      Policy on education: Free ice-cream if you pass year 12. Perhaps we could seek a sponsorship for this infinitive from Coldrock – extra pieces of chocolate in your ice cream if you get a bigger score in your HSC.

    2. Alison Post author

      Sounds like a lovely idea, but I hate hate hate politics. I’d rather just stick out for human rights stuff with an NGO or something 😛

  6. pinhead22886

    Hehe, I love the way you make political posts and then all your friends comment… And I love the way you persist with me on your friends list, knowing perfectly well that I will do anything to annoy people. 😀

    1. Alison Post author

      I knew you’d be like this, but I don’t mind your arguments, they are well put together. I was just relieved to find that Cam has deleted his account 😛 He doesn’t think through what he says.

  7. pinhead22886

    Voters are stupid. The state Labor government has been in power for way too long (look at the shonky deals that are going on with these toll roads), and its looking like the federal government needs a bit of time on the other side of the chamber too…

    1. Alison Post author

      Oh man, the Labour govt is just as bad. Over the last few years they have cut education funding so much. At my mum’s primary school, there used to be enough funding to employ her 3 days a week to help the kids with learning difficulties. Now there is only enough for 1 day.

      You can only get funding to help kids with severe learning difficulties now, is in kids who can’t even talk properly. In year 5 this year, there were 5 kids who didn’t reach the national bench mark for reading, and my mum can’t do anything to help them, because the government has taken the funding away and now all they have are parent volunteers who can’t really do very much.


      I can’t wait til the time when there is no politics (ie heaven)

      1. tibbycat

        It’s true. The Labor govt isn’t great either, ugh. Which makes it especially difficult come election time.

        I don’t know if there’ll be no politics in heaven though. If they play that godsong song in heaven I’m going to scream.

  8. darvids0n

    IT DOESN’T MATTER FOOLS. They have a majority in both houses so they can (eventually) get ANY bill through that they want to! Which means workplace reforms will make us cry 😦

  9. Alison Post author

    Sure as hell you don’t!

    Most of my church friends when to private schools, and most of my uni friends too, and none of them don’t fit the stereotype either.

    Although recently when the uni had their campus SRC elections, the young liberals appeared and they were nearly all from Scots or Kings, and they made me REALLY mad. But that was more because they were really narrow minded and campaigning for things like banning the queer society at uni and stuff like that :S

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