Hey, I disabled commenting on the last entry because it was getting ridiculous. And it deleted all the comments, which I didn’t mean to do, but that’s just what happened. Sorry.
If you’re upset about it, then I’ll just remind you – Brad and Mark were arguing, Dave tried to be diplomatic, I hate all politics, and in our rhetoric and stuff we ended up making comments that were offensive to Claire and any other private school kids/ex-kids who were reading.

No more arguing and politics
Just give it up and live it up for Him!

That’s right, sing it… Live it up for Jesus… 😛


23 thoughts on “

  1. dumsum

    If you enable comments again, they’ll show up. But probably best to leave it be… political debates are hopeless. The majority know what they want.

      1. dumsum

        Just because people don’t want what you want doesn’t mean they don’t know what they want. Move to a communist country, I think it’s much more suited to your needs.

      2. tibbycat

        I remember my literature lecturer at uni said that in polite Australian company, one should never discuss religion or politics. I don’t agree with her entirely, but I see where she’s coming from cause sometimes people will never agree on such issues.

        anyway, I’m done now :p

      3. tibbycat

        Yeah, but her argument was that at it has the same potential as politics to get people fighting with each other since like politics, people can be so polarized on what they believe that they could get offended if they feel someone is trying to change their mind.

        But as Christians we have the whole evangelism thing to take into account as well, so, I guess.. be subversive maybe, or so The Parables of Peanuts that I’m reading at the moment says that Jesus was by using parables to the crowds to sneakily get people to see his point of view indirectly.

      4. Anonymous

        Except that’s a load of crap. Jesus knew the people wouldnt understand him. Thats half the point.

    1. josef_stylin

      doesn’t seem to really make much of a difference though, certainly didn’t when all polls said the majority did not want to go to war with Iraq without UN approval, but we went anyway!

      Now we have this rights at work thing, I don’t know the figgures but it seems most people are not happy with it. Let’s see if they don’t still get it in.

  2. Anonymous

    Aw nuts, I didn’t even get to see these comments. I was amused however at how you called them “ARSES!” – it reminded me of the geriatric alcoholic priest, Father Jack Hackett, from the Irish show Father Ted. His four favourite words are “FECK!”, “DRINK!”, “ARSE!” and “GIRLS!”. Of course, various other things also feature, such as “WOMEN’S KNICKERS!”.

    Much lollery abounds. =D


    1. Anonymous

      Easy there sunshine – lets not forget who the REAL anonymous poster on this livejournal is. You better back off or I’ll e-kick all your asses.



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