You Passed 8th Grade Math

Congratulations, you got 10/10 correct!

On monday I am sitting my first maths exam since the HSC over a year ago. Whooo. It’s a bit scary cause I’m not quite sure what’s going on.


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  1. post_humourous

    i have advanced maths on monday!!!!!

    i don’t even understand the solutions on the tute sheets! AND i have 24 lectures of material to plough thru…YOU will do sooo much better than me.

    haha :S:S

  2. josef_stylin

    Tell you what’s scary? I did my HSC in 1998! 7 years ago! 7! It is very scary because I am STILL not sure what’s going on.

    These young girls at work today asked me if I was 28! Damn. I think I will shave the beard and maybe start dressing like a 16 year old.

      1. tibbycat

        I’m thinking when you’re past 30 you’ll step thinking such thoughts. Maybe sooner. I think the only time my mum has a spin-out moment about the age diff between her and my dad (who’s 8 and a half years older than her) is when he mentions something specific to when he was a teen and she realises that she was in primary school then, if that. Other than that, as both adults, I don’t think it crosses their minds. It’s the now that’s important.

        But having said that, it did cross my mind for a moment at the last indiechurch biblestudy where I noticed that everyone was over 20 years old.

      2. josef_stylin

        hey! Didn’t your mum ever tell you to respect your elders? hehe.

        Where has my youth gone! I have been trying to avoid growing up as best I can but it’s happening anyway!

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