Continued study avoidance

Well I wrote that brilliant song a couple of entries ago and nearly all the words were recognised except for THREE songs. And now I’ll tell you what they are:

When do we get paid? is from I’ll Never Be – Reel Big Fish
All the things you do is from Yellow – Coldplay
Tee-dum tee-dee the words are easy to say is from Following the Leader – Peter Pan (the disney cartoon)

Sif not get those last two.

We played follow the leader at Youth Group, but not like the way you play with 5 year olds. We blindfolded all the kids (we didn’t have enough blindfolds so there was lots of improvising) and then led them all over the church property trying to prevent them from maiming themselves as they tripped up stairs and into fences and otehr things like that. There were lots of blindfold games actually. The night was based on trust.

There were new kids in the group. I thought we were going to have it easy, having all these Sunday School graduate kids who already know all the answers. I was preparing to try and get them to explore stuff a bit more and to get them thinking outside the regurgitated sunday school answers they have been giving. The new kids, however, have made things more complicated. But then, this is actually cool, cause it means that it’ll be a bigger learning experience, and other things like that. There more I am confused about how to handle stuff, the more I have to ask God for help and the more he teaches me.

At the end of last night though, I was buggered. I am still feeling buggered because work was tiring too.

I resent that so many people have finished exams but half the unis are still going. Ugh. But, this will not be a problem soon. Oh boy I can’t wait.


6 thoughts on “Continued study avoidance

  1. tibbycat

    I remember playing a trust game like that. I must’ve been about 7 or 8 years old. It was at a church summer camp in Katoomba. I led some kid and purposely led him off the edge and he fell and hurt himself. I guess I missed the point of the exercise.

  2. josef_stylin

    Well I resent that you uni bums get over 100 days of holidays now whilst I get 4 weeks a year! 100 days is almost 1/3 of the year on holidays! + all the other holidays, you basically spend more time on holidays than at uni!

    And my sister used to complain about having to go 5 days a week!


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