Shall we set off? The rain has eased.

Ugh I am still sick, and it is so annoying. I went to the doctor today and she all she said was that I needed to breathe steam and rest a lot. I had already worked this much out for myself. Doctors are such a waste of money, but my mum paid so I don’t mind as much. The doctor gave me a doctor’s certificate so I can miss work tomorrow. The thing is I really should go to work tomorrow, cause there’s no one who can fill in for me. Damn. An early night. I will do my resting tonight.

I got the email about our mission today. On saturday I am going away to NTE (National Training Event). It is a christian leadership training thing run by the national umbrella organisation for many of the campus christian groups. Should be mad cool, cept that it’s in Canberra. I hope I am better for it. People who have been before say it is just as intense as Ancon, if not more. Hooray, in a suspenseful way.
After 5 days of training, we go back to Sydney for a short mission. I am in the Belmore team. We are being billeted out to families from the church. Our mission includes:
Visiting the seniors centre
Running after school kids program
Running a youth group thing
Visiting the high school
Helping out at all the church services
Helping out at their christmas carols

Whoooo it’s going to be mad cool.


4 thoughts on “Shall we set off? The rain has eased.

  1. smileystar03

    OHMYGOSH sounds like you’ll be doing the practical of what i have been doing the theory of!!! Oh and i’ve been doing lots of practical stuff like that too 😀 18 daysssssss!


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