Fun times around the corner

I am leaving tomorrow. I have to be at Town Hall by 6. I have to catch a train because Saturday buses don’t leave that early. I won’t get to listen to my records or chill with my friends or make sweet mulah with Uncle Rico at the newsagency, but I will hear fantastic talks and meet fantastic people and build fantastic relationships and do fantastic things empowered by the most fantastic Lord, Father and Saviour ever.
I will see y’all Monday week.
Oh yeah. Please pray that:
– I don’t burn out like I did at Ancon
– I learn stacks
– The mission is fruitful
– God is glorified everywhere

I will miss all of you and I will be praying for you everyday.


8 thoughts on “Fun times around the corner

  1. josef_stylin

    you didn’t miss much, a few games of nintendo, Mark being very very bad at Cluedo, some pretty good salads (if I do say so myself), a strange movie and getting told off by random rude lady for talking out the front of her house.

    It was fun though, hope you had fun and that all the things on your list happened or did not happen according to your prayers for each.

    1. josef_stylin

      oh yeah I made you an aquabats CD too, but if I’d read this post more carefully the first time I would have realised that you were not coming. Oh well, it’s sitting here waiting for you.

    2. tibbycat

      And the Disney show we laughed at we watched with the two cutesy blonde kids, the token asian girl, the black bellboy, the poor girl, and the rich people.

      Oh, and our plans for us to make a homemade comedy movie to be released on the internet. More on that later.

      Anyway, I hope Canberra is fruitful. Will be praying, and see you Spally when you get back to sydney town 🙂


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