My God is so BIG!

Sorry, long time and no updating.

Summerfest was a bag of good times. It was a kids holiday program run by Central Coast Evangelical Church and it was brilliant. I had so much fun working with the team and the kids. I can’t give any highlights cause the whole thing was just great.

Uni friends are wonderful. A few of them came over for a long awaited DVD night, and it was cool seeing people I haven’t seen in a couple of months.

Seeing Kylie was fantastic. It sucks that she is leaving so soon, but I guess she is going to do good things, so that’s ok. I am excited about Jazz in the Domain.

Other things are less cool, including but not limited to family issues and work issues. But everything will be sorted out eventually, which is comforting.

Even more comforting is that my cousin just became a Christian. On the spot, like that. I have never seen anything like that before. My cousins are over, the ones I often complain about. Yeah, they are staying at my house at the moment and earlier this evening were sitting in my room talking while I was on the computer. Philip had invited them to church, and Glenn, the younger one, inspired by the vast array of christian stuff on my walls, mentioned that they were going to church on the weekend. Bryan, my older cousin, launched into a furious attack on the church. It was sort of annoying. He was going on about the crusades and middle ages and stuff, but he was really ill informed and wouldn’t ever let me answer anything he said. When I mentioned Jesus, he was just confused. I tried to outline the gospel quickly for them, but it was hard, so I took out a Two Ways to Live brochure (it sums up the message of the bible in a few small pages with the aid of some lovely diagrams). Glenn was so impressed, he took the brochure and read the whole thing himself. At the end, he looked up and asked me “Does this mean you are my sister now?”
I couldn’t believe it. I hadn’t said anything to persuade him or convince him, I’d just explained what Jesus did and answered the questions he asked. It just goes to show, people don’t do the converting, God does. Philip gave him a copy of Matthew’s gospel. He took it to bed and was still reading it when I walked past their room.
Please pray for Glenn. Pray that he learns a lot from his reading tonight. Also pray that he’ll find a church back home. He lives in Melbourne and I know nothing about good churches in Melbourne. I will have to find out where exactly he lives and maybe talk to some people from NTE or something. Even more than that, Praise God, cause it’s always really exciting to get a new brother.


6 thoughts on “My God is so BIG!

  1. tibbycat

    Wow that’s awesome!
    I’ll be praying fer shizzle that his brain is like mine was towards the end of 2004 where God had put me onto the christianity rollercoaster and there was no turning back.

    Incidentally: Sophie & Kerryn recommended that I read the Two Ways to Live brochure ages ago and I never got around to it. Thanks for the reminder.


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