Middle Eastern people have bombs

They don’t really, but lots of people seem to be under the impression that they do.

My dad has been in Oman this last week. We went to pick him up at the airport this evening. His flight was an hour and ten minutes late. We were at the southern exit, with a bajillion other people waiting for the passengers to come out. There were two flights left to come out of our gate, my dad’s flight and another flight from Bahrain. After a while, we got a call from dad saying he was about to get his passport checked. So we waited a bit longer. He called us again to tell us that there was a huge queue of people going through customs, as in about 150 people lined up in front of him. All up we waited an hour and a half for him to get out. When we left the terminal there were still heaps of people waiting with balloons and flowers.

At the other exit, the northern exit, the very last flight for the night landed. It got in 20 minutes after my dad’s flight. It was from Los Angeles. By the time we left, all the people from the northern exit were gone. Because, you know, everyone from the flights from the middle east could be a terrorist, so they are checked thoroughly in customs, but somehow all the people coming in from America are safe enough to let through quickly. We paid a lot of money for parking.

On another note, my dad got paid in cash for his trip (it was a business trip). He got paid in $US and I just held the money. t looked like a bundle of money from a hollywood gangster’s suitcase, but it didn’t feel like it was worth much at all. Mum is really suspicious. She thinks it looks like monopoly money, and I tend to agree with her. It has lots of pencil markings on the notes and it looks like you could set it on fire heaps easy.


24 thoughts on “Middle Eastern people have bombs

    1. flynonymous

      How Christian of you mate. You may not have invented the quote but you’re still a dolt for citing something that ignorant.

      I always thought that the Irish Republican Army represented the interests of a religious denomination known as “Catholicism” but i guess thats just an obscure sect of Islam. What about one of the oldest and most effective terrorist groups in history, the Tamil Tigers? Don’t worry its easy to get Hinduism and Islam confused they’re all just the devil anyway.

      1. dumsum

        Sorry if I offended you, but the way the title was phrased just reminded me of that quote. I didn’t say I believed it. But in terms of America vs The World, it is more often true than not. And I think this entry was about America vs The World.

  1. darvids0n

    “She thinks it looks like monopoly money, and I tend to agree with her. It has lots of pencil markings on the notes and it looks like you could set it on fire heaps easy.”

    That’s the reason US banknotes are the easiest to counterfeit out of all the notes in the world 🙂 They haven’t changed the notes in like 200 years I think. Still paper.

  2. lixila

    man. the whole customs thing is pretty damn ridiculous. democratic society, eh? then everyone should be searched equally carefully (or equally quickly).

    1. Anonymous

      yeah, I agree. So much for random searches Owen got checked at every single check point going out of Aus and going into the states. And I’m talking take your shoes and socks off, searching for hidden pockets, emptying out all of his hand luggage etc etc. And that was about 3 times at either end.. so incredibly random… hmm. that was a bit off topic… ahhh.. meng

      1. Anonymous

        Dont be ridiculous Simon! If that were true, then the uni students would find themselves in the unprecedented situation of having nothing to whinge about! What would the bludgers do with all their spare time then?!

      2. pinhead22886

        That was me by the way. Of course, the explanation could have been even simpler- like 2 planes arrived at the southern gate, while only one arrived at the northern gate. Or the flight from the USA stopped first in Melbourne (which they often do) and most of the people on board got off there, so that by the time it got to Sydney there was hardly anyone on it. Maybe Americans just have no friends, so noone was waiting for them. 😛 But again, we have to invent conspiracy theories so we can complain about something.

      3. avieamaree

        i dont know about that…. maybe things have gotten better, and LA screening might be a bit better (though who knows why the Americas would do that thorough a screening on outbound planes), but i know that some relatives of mine doing an around the world type trip remarked that Amsterdam pre 9/11 had better security measures than LA post 9/11.

    1. Alison Post author

      I just got home yesterday from my last trip until uni goes back. Yay! Let’s do something. I am free most evenings and most days depending on my shifts at work.

  3. shel_p

    hello spally-dear
    ok so. for o-day- um we would love to do a short intro but the thing is we need to meet with ryan + head of eu people first to discuss how we will work with them/ what our role will be. so we probably won’t have something sorted/finalised for about 2 more weeks at least i would say. which is definetly too late for o-day. but thats cool. we will just intro it at minestrone/pm’s. sweet as!
    ps. my butt is finally getting over that bike ride.
    – shel

    1. Alison Post author

      That sounds like a plan. It’s probably best to intro it at minestrone with older euers, rather than tell al the first years and then spring it on everyone else later on.

  4. procrastinating

    That exact same thing happened getting through customs after returning from sri lanka…
    all the people coming back from the Mecca Pilgrimage had to be checked with their holy water, and the customs people were extremely rude to them, naturally delaying us about an hour.
    -_-‘ Silly silly customs.


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