Update on my life

I’m still here!

My life over the last month or so has been pretty much dictated by my working hours. I am working 5 days, which is good for the wallet, but bad for everything else. But it’s ok. Only a week or two until uni starts and work slips away into the background again.

In my spare time, I have had very interesting times. A lot of them have involved lessons and happenings that I can barely comprehend, let alone put into words. Other things are very easy to verbalise. I went for a bike ride with some of my uni friends. You can read an overly exaggerated and hilarious account of it at my friend Nicole’s blog thing.

Youth group has gone back. Bible study has gone back. I am in a new bible study with the people from the grade below me. It should be good.

I went on a long awaited adventure with some of the people from NTE. We went to Kiama for the day and went swimming and walking and tried to catch a seagull with a trap made from a picnic basket and an Australian flag beach towel.

I have rearranged the furniture in my room. It feels like a new house. My stereo has moved and so have the speakers and I worked out how to fix the sound so it sounds really good. Consequently I have been listening to records a lot. Fleetwood Mac is still in there at about half the time, and Led Zepplin is still getting good playing time, but my new favourite record is Talking Head’s Little Creatures. I bought it cheap ages ago but never really listened to it. All those months of musical fun I have missed out on!

Mark and I bought tickets to the Great Escape. We are going on Friday night. If you are so inclined, please come along, should be good times.

Georgia has also decided to get serious about her faith. It’s all so exciting. We have been reading the bible together every few nights and it’s been awesome. She is like I was at her age – I thought I knew everything about God, and then I read the bible and realised there was so much I didn’t know. We are going through Ephesians and watching her be so taken aback by what she is reading is something like I have never seen before. We get to pray together too, which is fantastic. I can’t stop marvelling at how God has transformed the relationships I have with Philip and Georgia.

Yesterday was Philip’s birthday. He is 16. I made him a birthday card with a photo of him pretending to be a rock star. He is playing his guitar in his room, using his bedside lamp as a microphone. It is one of my favourite photos of him.

Uni is still awhile away and I am starting to get impatient. I have work tomorrow, again.


8 thoughts on “Update on my life

    1. tibbycat

      Music festival: http://www.thegreatescape.net.au/

      Spally that’s great about your sister. I remember seeing her at Phillip’s confirmation and she seemed very.. notwantingtobethere..or.. bored, but it’s good news if she’s getting serious about her faith and finding out what it means. Phillip and Georgia are blessed to have you.


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