How many Canadians does it take to change a lightbulb?

This evening Saz and I went to see Vroni. We showed her how to screw her lightbulbs in cause she had never seen that type of socket before.

I like that people are Employed. Yes, even with a capital E.
Yay Dave has had his first paid shift at the newsagency and Mark has one more day to prove that he has mastered Moore Books. I helped him along by buying a book off him this morning. It’s all very exciting.

Last Saturday I went to my friend Matthew’s 18th birthday party. Guy and I gave him this:
Image hosting by Photobucket

His name is Basil, and he is Matt’s new younger brother. We designed him at Christina’s house and she named him.

Wishful Thinking (the band) changed their name to “Wishful”. I think that this is a lame development.


17 thoughts on “How many Canadians does it take to change a lightbulb?

    1. smileystar03


      I also think it is a terrible decison, but seeing as so many people shorten it to “wishful” when they are talking about them, it was inevitable really in this day and age of lazyness and shortening of the words.

      1. m3ng

        hmm.. I was wondering where this alleged st james was, croydon ay.. someone told me it was in the city.. odd.

      2. pinhead22886

        What an SLC weekend!


        Thu 1 Sydney, NSW Next Next – Sydney 18+
        w/ Wishful Thinking and more. More details TBA.

        Fri 2 Sydney, NSW St James Anglican Church Sydney All-ages
        w/ Wishful Thinking. More details TBA

        Sat 3 Annandale, Sydney, NSW The Empire Hotel, Cnr Paramatta Rd & Johnston St The Empire Hotel – Sydney 18+
        w/ Wishful Thinking + more. Over-18s only. More details TBA

      3. Alison Post author

        I am so excited! It’s like my pay for all those friday night gigs I have missed before. It’s so cool to look at that list and know I can go to any or all of them – including Friday!

      4. Alison Post author

        Hey, there is a gig in Newcastle on Easter Monday –

        Belmont, Newcastle, NSW
        The GenR8R
        Salvation Army, 360 Pacific Hwy
        – Sounds Like Chicken (VIC)
        – The View (NSW)
        – Standing Tall (VIC)
        – Just Like Josiah
        – Revive (NSW)

        Tickets $10 at the door or $7 pre-booked. Doors open 5.30pm. All-age, drug and alcohol free event

        Do you want to go?
        I hope so hard I don’t have work – Maybe I will ask for that day off, it’s a public holiday after all! I was talking about it with Dad and he was talking about possibly driving me up, or even me driving him up… I don’t know… possibilities are abounding.

  1. darvids0n

    Twice I’ve taken money and given change for a TravelTen, but forgot to give the actual ticket to the person. Twice they’ve come back asking for it. Once Allan was not there. Once Allan was there. I feel terrible. Oh well..

    1. Alison Post author

      Oh man! I do that all the time
      And I have lost track of how many times I have drastically shortchanged people, like not giving them $20 notes


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