Guess What

The Great Escape was so much fun.

Here are some things I liked:
– The Camels
– My body shaking from sitting too close to the speakers
– The Dawn Collective
– Running into Tom
– Pretty things
– Hearing beautiful music and not even knowing who was making it
– Praying with Mark
– Not feeling left out during Something For Kate (due to standing near a whole lot of teenyboppers who didn’t know words either)
– Pretending to be cool in the hip hop tent
– Not getting sunburnt
Sigur Ros like WOAH! I think they are the prettiest band I have ever seen or heard in my life.

Here are some things I didn’t like:
– It was Good Friday but no one really seemed to care

Here are Mark’s photos


14 thoughts on “Guess What

    1. Alison Post author

      Don’t stress, it’s just secular music and no one cares about it anyway. Well, I don’t care very much about it, and obviously neither do you and I am sure we pretty good representatives for the whole population.

  1. bombalandi

    Hi Spally… you don’t know me..
    but you’re a friend of MY friends! Namely:

    bellarina2 (she’s one of my very good friends)

    I hope I got that all correct. and you like black books. which is even better. I thought I’d just tell you. How do you know them all?!

    1. Alison Post author

      Are you Lauren? Cause if you are, I met you at Uni last week when I ran into Bel, and I know you! And if you are notLauren, but the person on the left, then we may as well know each other with all of these connections.
      I go to Uni with Bel and hang out with her and have Geography with her
      Eva (chereibombe) is one of my primary school friends
      Lauren (notforanyone) is my friend who I know who another friend and she is heaps cool, but I don’t see her very much, unfortunately
      Kerryn (woodwell) I forgot how I first met her, but she is cool too. I don’t see her enough either.

      How do you know them?

      1. bombalandi

        I’m not Lauren, I’m the other one! I’m Hillary. I go to Uni with Bel and Lauren and you!

        I know Bel and Lauren because we went to highschool together
        I know Eva from primary school (dulwich hill)
        Lauren (notforanyone) I met through belinda and emoxhair
        Kerryn – I know through the band I belong to..and she goes to uni with us and I ran into her last thursday!

      2. Alison Post author

        Hey Hillary!
        How funny that we both went to school with Eva! I didn’t go to Dulwich Hill though. She came to my school in year 4 I think.
        See you round uni sometime!

    1. Alison Post author

      Man, they were awesome. I can’t wait til they tour again. Maybe next time we can go to a show in our respective cities and discuss it later 😛


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