My mum and Georgia are outside watching the old school BBC Narnia series and I am in here fruitlessly doing my geography assignment. Actually not qute fruitlessly. I have been reading and formulating ideas but I really should be moving a lot faster. It just hit me then that by this time next week I need to have finished both my geography and social policy papers. I haven’t even picked which question I am doing for social policy yet.

I win in one respect. I opened my uni email and found two emails from the library recalling two of my earthquake books. They are now due back on the day the assignment is due. Hah! It is reassuring that there is another earthquake studying student who is less organised than me.

I went away to Kyckstart this weekend and it was pretty cool, although not as cool as last year. Last year I came back and my thinking and bible reading was revolutionised – my attitude to God, to other Christians, to my future, to my bible reading. I guess that is what happens when you study a book like Philippians, which I hadn’t studied in depth before. This year was on Genesis and it was heaps more straightforward and so much more aimed at year 7 and 8 kids. But people still gave their lives to Christ and people in our group at least were still challenged so it was all good. One of our speakers made a couple of really enormous theological blunders, but he corrected himself and apologised profusely in his talk this morning.

I was cooking with Carmen it was so stressful compared to last year. Last year we had 6 cooks for 70 people, and we had our own kitchen. This year was just the two of us for 40 people in the shared YHA kitchen. Gah. But it was ok in the end. Matt came and watched us cook/helped us clean, which was wonderful.

Uni goes back this week, hooray. I have drawn myself out another hour by hour timetable. I hope I can get my work done soon, because really cool things are happening this week. EUs think weeks are starting up this week, and we are painting the graffiti tunnel, and saturday night is a view or caxton gig (or both?) or even a so called party (lucy?), and Thursday is SEEING DYLAN MORAN!

It would be sad to miss these things.

One of the books for my geography assignment is completely useless but I was going to try making it work so I could obscurely reference it. Except then I found my lecturer’s name is the acknowlegments section. I need to go find myself another reading.

I am as cold here in my room as I was in Katoomba.


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