Did Tom eat the placenta?

Spally needs wisdom
Spally reads Proverbs
Spally wishes that they were easier to follow

She is talking about herself in the third person

Today was a fun day.


11 thoughts on “Did Tom eat the placenta?

  1. tibbycat

    Spally must be going crazy too

    *Mark hugs his knees*

    Some other animals feed the placenta to their newborn children. Good source of protein apparently.

    I remember going to a Japanese restaurant near Cold Rock in the city with Jeremy, Chris, Sophie, and Jasper last year and we saw near it a place selling sheep placenta. Mmm, yum.

  2. flynonymous

    I don’t know why you are eating placenta but on a completely unrelated note I just noticed that “Oval Closed” picture in your background. I remember taking that out of a certain Airmail package along with a Snickers bar and the Tropfest 2004 DVD!

    I had it on my wall, and one of my students asked what it was about. I told them my friends in Australia were political activists and explained that the government tried to ban people from playing Hacky-Sak on “Hacky-Sak ovals” but that you were rebelling. They were like “oohh… so brave.”


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