I don’t know if it’s just me

I am anxious that Georgia is going to be taller than me when she finishes growing, and then I will be the shortest person in my family. Oh well. Someone has to be, I guess.

Today I skipped a lecture and a tute. It was good. Tuesdays are normally my least favourite day. I am going to make up for my class missing by doing the following activities tonight:
– print off some WebCT notes
– start to compile my media journal
– write an outline for my talk for youth

Before all of this I am going to get some food that should resemble dinner.

I win! I printed notes, did two weeks of media journal and wrote my whole talk PLUS discussion questions! Oh yeah.
And I even made my bed and put on a load of washing so I have clean clothes tomorrow. Yes. Now I have to wait up til the washing machine finishes.

If anyone is confused about the pink thing that is my user picture at the moment, it is a quick sketch I did in Year 11 to represent the UN. It is part of this:

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

I posted this up once before. I drew it with Brian in year 11 geography when we were learning about rainforests. It reflected the political climate at the time, or something.

the end.


11 thoughts on “I don’t know if it’s just me

      1. oab

        My psuedo-scientific sources also inform me that aliens built monuments on Mars and that the face on mars is really a government coverup to prevent people from konwing about aliens.


        A lot of it depends on how much you exercise as well, to the best of my knowledge, there has not been a true comprehensive study on the affect of height on life expentancy. Except perhaps the ability to avoid dieing as much because your centre of gravity is lower, so you dont fall down is much.

  1. waterphaerie

    That’s ok. I’m the 2nd shortest person in my family, well on my way to becoming the shortest. Before she enters year 7 I would put money on that Katherine will overtake me. She’s already unnervingly close and she’s only in year 4.

    *sings* Short people got no reason to live…..*cough* i mean, short people rock. Go team.


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