Feels like a Saturday

Today was one of those days that is reflected in the weather. It was cold and damp and dreary and always about to rain.

I witnessed a car crash this morning at the bus stop. A car drove was on the roundabout as a small ute went flying through, without slowing down. He rammed into the passenger side and the glass fell out of the window and the car flew 5 metres up the hill, looking like it weighed nothing. There were two girls in the car, they were both ok. The girl in the passenger seat used to be my netball coach. I was half an hour late to uni.

I made it to all my classes on time, or even early. I spent my empty hours doing not much at all. Meh.

We were talking together
I said what’s up with this weather
don’t know whether or not
how sad I just got
was of my own volition
or if I’m just missing the sun.

and tomorrow I know will be rainy at best
and the forecast I know is that I’ll be depressed
but I’ll wait outside
hoping that I’ll catch sight of the sun.

because on and off the clouds have fought for control over the sky
and lately the weather has been so bipolar and consequently so have I

but now I’m sunny with a high of 75
since You took my heavy heart and made it light
and it’s funny how you find you enjoy you’re alive
when you’re happy to be alive.

The evening was a whole new story. I met Mark and Chris at broadway for our tuesday gigging adventure. We had lots of time to kill so we decided to walk to Surry Hills (an idea that backfired on us later on). The first band sounded like all the worst things played at the loudest volume, we couldn’t get away from it even though we were sitting in a different room. But the other band, Darcy, they were good. And of course, Caxton were a bag full of fun times. Kerryn is a maniac on those bells. They have won my award for second most hilarious band (after the Amazing Joel Hockey Movement). Luke, their new drummer, was also hilarious, especially in their encore song (which he had never played before).

At 11 o clock Brad, Chris, Mark and myself walked out of the hotel and considered the walk that lay ahead of us to get back to Chris’ car (parked off King st in Newtown). 40 minutes later we emerged onto City rd, discussing the possibility of sleeping in Moore Books, in much the same manner as Manny sleeping in Goliath Books. But it was not to be.

On the way home we were accosted by a strange old man at 7-11. Chris sang awesome solo lyrics to MxPx. We had the windows wound down to stop the car window fogging up and it was cold.

It was real saturday night behaviour, which I am maintaining by sitting here at 1:20am writing about crazy gig-related antics. Except that tomorrow I need to get up and lead a bible study, which takes more brain power than getting up to sell people lotto and Sunday Telegraphs. Also I need to get up and shower because my hair has pub gig smell. And also I need to start writing my essay again tomorrow. Booo.


8 thoughts on “Feels like a Saturday

    1. tibbycat

      It was a pity we had to rush off and didn’t get the chance to talk yeah. Caxton needs to play some more saturday gigs *hint* *hint* 😉

      Loved loved the cover of Chicago!! I’ve been playing that album in the bookshop today. Moore Books has never before had such good music inside it.

  1. m3ng

    we went there last week to see the fifth nation and they had written on the board that next week ‘caxten’ were playing. yay for spelling errors…


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