This is pretty much a big list, with sublists.

Paul was 20 yesterday and Flynn is 19 today.

May has been a crazy mess of birthdays and walking long distances and gigs and st barnabas burning down and hyperactive youth and heightened emotions and Jeremy’s AM radio and pho and broken hearing aids and slow days at work and Relient K and frenzied academic journal reading and high school friends and people going out (Jason from Geography is engaged!).

I have enjoyed May.

June is going to be a crazy mess of assessments and gigs and errands have have been waiting for months to be run (like getting a medicare card and going to the bank and the credit union and booking an orthodontist appointment and a driving test and getting my bike serviced). I feel like my life is the small writing on the Ancon banner (BOOK BLACKSTUMP ASAP!).
At the end of June is the holidays. I have never ever ever wished for the holidays this much in my life.

Last night we raced a train to Penrith, and lost.

There is lots of work to do this week but still time for gigs:
Jon Reichardt on tuesday
Sounds Like Chicken and Wishful Thinking on friday and saturday

I am going to make it to the end of stuvac without having to uninstall freecell from my computer. Here goes…


12 thoughts on “This is pretty much a big list, with sublists.

    1. Alison Post author

      There’s a show at the attic (which is back up and running bigger than before, they are using the hall downstairs as well as the attic itself).

      Attic home page thing.

      Yes. I am intending to go to that, cept I have a youth group girls social arvo thing with my kids and it doesn’t finish til 6, so I will probably be late.

  1. smileystar03

    OHMYGOSH the gig was so good. i hope yours is as good as mine was. Although i bet you have more skanking and less goths. Hehe.

    Spally dear, thankyou for your email. I really appreciate your prayers and love. I hope uni is going well and your getting enough time for yourself.

    Love ya! *hugs*

  2. m3ng

    yay for slc and wishful soon. I will most probably be at the Friday night show, and maybe the Saturday show too, possibly even the Thursday show… In other words I don’t know which ones I’m going to yet =P

    I came to visit you kids at uni on Thrusday but I couldn’t find you and alix forgot her phone, and I didn’t think to ring you cos I don’t know why..

    The End.
    Love Esther. =)

    1. Alison Post author

      Now way, freecell is definately where it’s at. A few years ago I got so bad that I played it in my head when I was daydreaming.


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