When I ask You show the way…

Today was an unforgettable day of nothing happening, and then everything happening.
I got to the Madsen computer labs at 8:30am, and didn’t leave until 2:30pm, for a half hour break. And then I was back in there again until quarter to 5. When I left, it was getting dark and it was cold and starting to rain.
And what did I do sall of these hours? I made maps, and then made pretentiously insightful comments about them, and finished our economic group assignment. Yesss. Also my tutor (not the one who deleted my stuff) talked to me for half an hour about the politics in Quebec, which was the most interesting thing I learnt all day.

The Wishful/Sounds Like Chicken gig was strange. As Jeremy has pointed out in his entry already, Wishful have done crazy things to their set list – playing old old songs I don’t know, and playing new songs that I don’t know. They didn’t play Eternity and they didn’t play Victoria.

Also it was strange because…it was the fist gig I have ever been to where I attempted to look after 15 twelve year olds in the midst of a small mosh pit. They did a pretty good job though, only one girl fell over, and a couple of them even picked up on the skanking. I had to spend most of the time on the edge with them, but I got to dance a little in the last song. All in all, I am very excited about this promising group of young gig kids. They want to borrow my CDs. Next year they will be tall enough to go in the circle!

It rained today and my shoes got wet and they never dried. They are still wet, in the laundry. My feet are finally dry, but they are cold. I am getting my hot water bottle and going to bed. Hmm.

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