2/3 through the holidays

These holidays have been rad because of: (here follows a list)

○ Matt, the most amazing person in the entire world. We have got to spend heaps of time hanging out and it’s been awesome.
○ Mysty. I have seen her three times more than normal. Let’s do that some more!
○ Lack of work. It was nice to not go to work a lot, although bad for bank account.
○ Brad, Vroni and Claire. I liked seeing them many times and meeting Vroni’s family.
○ Aviea. Thankyou Aviea for having a party! I miss all the Fort Street kids plus associates, and I’m glad we got to catch up.
○ Saz and Dan. Even though they dissapeared to study camp and now we are all disappearing to various uni conferences, I still love them dearly and I hope that they love me too.
○ Maverick and their Sydney tour. They sound cool.
○ Mike and Cam. I’m sorry for leaving you off the list! I hardly see them, but I saw them again this holidays, Yay!!
○ Girls from church. They are wonderful.
○ Artswomen. They are also wonderful.
○ Driving lessons. Hopefully I will be able to drive around on my own soon.
○ My family. I have spent lots of time with them and I think I understand them a little bit more.
○ Trains. I have caught lots of trains, sometimes the rides have been very nice.
○ Arrested Development. I have seen lots of it recently.

These holidays also been lacking a little because of: (here follows another list)

● Errands and organisational jobs. I still have most of my holiday errands to complete and that won’t happen now. These include: getting a medicare card, servicing my bike, booking orthodontist appointment, booking driving test, cleaning out the filing cabinet for next semester, doing my tax
● Israel and their various enemies. They should not be so agressive and dangerous.
● Uni friends. I have barely seen any of them.
● The extreme distance between Ashbury and Katoomba especially by public transport. Oh well.

Ancon is tomorrow, which is very exciting. I’m looking forward to Rowan’s talks and everything I am going to learn and seeing all my uni friends who I haven’t seen for weeks and weeks and I can’t wait really. Yay!!


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