Angst at my brother

Phil has an assignment for religion. There are two main components:
1. An explanation of the reason for the separations between the orthodox and catholic church, and the catholic and protestant church. And a list of differences between them all.
2. Using two passages from the bible, an outline of the main beliefs of Christianity.

Pretty much the most fun assignment I could ever think of. But my brother, he has just done the thing where you cut and paste information off wikipedia. I went through his presentation with him this morning and his outline has all this interesting stuff – about the schism and the reformation and transubstantiation and election and justification by faith and many other words that end in -tion, but he doesn’t know what any of them mean!! Mum is in the study with him now and I am listening to her get really frustrated about his lack of understanding and organisation.

I am so annoyed at him for totally wasting the best assignment he could ever do. Mum is sitting in the room with him just waiting for him to explain the gospel to her (in a sense)! What an opportunity for apologetics, and I am here listening to it slip by. It’s so depressing, I wish I could storm in there, rewrite his presentation and do something to make him understand that he needs to start taking his work seriously! Especially this work!!


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