And I was like “What’s up dude?”

And he was like “Uh, I found your comb”
And I was like “Shut up!”
And he was like “Yeah and stuff”
And I was like “Rock on!”

First week back at uni has been tainted by being sick. It’s a very interesting kind of sick, on account of it involves losing my voice, which has been really exciting, although tiring. I’ve taken my first ever sick night for youth group and I feel a little lost wandering around the house on a Friday night.

Work today was interesting, especially not having a voice. The other people at work were sympathetic enough to pat me on the back and wish me good health, but they relegated me to the counter regardless and by 11 o clock I could barely speak at all. It was a pain, cause tomorrow is another one of those big lottos and all the people who have never played lotto before showed up and asked me how to play. It’s hard enough to explain when you can make noises with your vocal chords, so I found it very challenging using whispers and hand gestures. One of the ladies I served commented on my lost voice – she’d just gotten over something similar herself.
“Don’t worry,” she said. “It’ll get better soon. Anyway, husky voices are sexy.”
I refrained from voicing my thoughts (not just because I was physically unable) – sexy is probably the last word I would use to describe a feeling akin to steak knives slicing open my windpipe.

So, uni is back and there is lots to read and lots of work to do. There is an annoying field trip for Envrionmental Geography over most of mid semester break that costs money and takes time. Cultural Geography talks about conceptual maps and it sounds like last year’s sociology. Social Policy is 3 hours long and I am taking a picnic lunch in next week. I had my first ever Greek class without Matt. It was boring and I found it very hard to concentrate, although that may have been because Vras was revising the alphabet and cases for new people in the class. Oh dear.


6 thoughts on “And I was like “What’s up dude?”

  1. darvids0n

    :O…… For the first time ever, Spally has actually stopped talking.
    😛 I’m kidding, dear. I hope you get your voice back soooooon 😦 That really sucks. At least you can take comfort in the fact that you are not experiencing actual steak knives slicing open your windpipe. That would be way worse.

  2. samuraisole

    😦 I’m sick too. Too many sick friends, and brothers, around me to avoid it.
    I haven’t lost my voice in ages, I remember it was an up-side to getting sick as a kid.

  3. smileystar03

    Hi Spally! tHATS NO GOOD TO HEAR YOU ARE SICK. IT IS THE TIME OF YEAR FOR IT THOUGH. i MISS YOU. oops caps. I’m in hobart atm, going home on monday, i’m actually quite keen to get home – havent been there for a month! Fusion stuff is keeping me very busy, but it’s going great. learning loads about myself – a lot of old issues i;m able to work out andovercome with God and some friend’s help. 🙂

    Hope you get better soon and have a great wknd 🙂
    Love ya,

      1. Anonymous

        Hello. I meant home as in Morwell. I *might* be coming up around the 9th… slim chance. But i’ll be heading that way sooooooon!!!

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