Give me back my sandwich

My favourite jeans are definately falling apart and no amount of brightly coloured embroidery thread and patches from old handkerchiefs will be able to hold them together any more.

Today was one of the first days in a while where I have felt like a real uni student. I had my first ever heated tutorial discussion in my geography tute this morning, and did readings, and talked to a lecturer about an assessment, and ran into a people all day – from old classes and from high school and even one of the people from fish records. I fell asleep in Victoria Park. I was late to class because of small group. I discussed sociological principles over hot chocolate. So yeah, it was a pretty nice day, although uni without Matt is generally pretty lame.

Georgia is reading Persuasion for school, which makes me insanely jealous. In year 7, our english classroom had work in the wall from the year 9 class. They were studying Persuasion and I was excited about getting to study that too. Except year 9 came and went, and all of high school and there was no Persuasion at all. Not even a Jane Austen novel in general. How sad. And Georgia is complaining about reading it. Obviously I need to intervene and help her understand the brilliance of that book.


8 thoughts on “Give me back my sandwich

  1. lostcharliegirl

    We had to read P&P for yr11 english, although it wasn’t really a study. But I’m glad we didn’t study JA in high school, cos it would have killed it for us…although it would have been so easy to study it. so hmm.

    and sounds like you’re a typical usyd arts bum. congrats. 😉

      1. Alison Post author

        I didn’t do extension english
        And yeah, ms thomas was pretty crazy time. I can’t imagine her doing Jane Austen books.

      2. lostcharliegirl

        oh yeah we did. i completely forgot. anyway NA was ok, because you needed knoweldge of gothic novels to understand all the injokes. but if i did emma/p&p/persuasion it would have killed it for me.

  2. pinhead22886

    The irony. The one Jane Austen I was supposed to read for english, I resented the fact that I was supposed to read it, and so didnt. And yet you were hanging out for the boredom which never came. In any case, we did no work on it. Ocko was too hung up about poooooostmoderniiiiiiiiiismmmm…


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