Do you have a friend called Thanatos?

Disclaimer: This is not being written in a fit of procrastination!

I am feeling really accomplished at the moment. I have an essay due on Monday that I started this morning (as in I started most of the reading this morning) and I have already written nearly half of it. I wrote up a list of things I wouldn’t get distracted by – freecell, food, sms, internet, music – and I have given into all of them at some point throughout the day. And I am still only 1000 words away from freedom! Yay! It just goes to show what a difference it makes when you are writing about something you understand and have interest in. It took me at least twice as long to write up my social policy paper last semester.

Well, other things are happening too.

Last night, youth group was an awesome flashback to NTE last december. We took the kids bowling at Enfield. Oh my goodness. 27 children showed up to go, which was more than could fit on the bus that we hired. The other two girl leaders took some of the girls in their cars and I was left in the bus, looking after all the boys and 6 girls, while the two male leaders sat at the front of the bus and tried hard to not be distracted by the noise coming from the back. The boys were more psycho than I have ever seen and it was the longest drive to Enfield I have ever been on. Every couple of seconds I yelled at one of them to keep their arms and heads inside the window. They yelled random things to people when we were stopped at traffic lights and kept taking off their seatbelts and by the time we got off the bus I had a headache. Actually being inside the bowling place was better. The kids had lovely time bowling and running around and other things that kids do and it was cool to sit and talk to some of them.

I paused to reflect on the last time I was at Enfield bowling and the first thing I thought of was this photo of Ryan:
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
because the last time I was there was on NTE on our night off!
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Oh they were fun times.

At that point I looked up to see one of my children running off somewhere. And then I realised that they weren’t one of my children – they were one of the children from Belmore Anglican, where our NTE mission was. Their youth group was bowling too! I went over and said hi and it was lovely NTE reunion time.

Other things are happening too, like my sister has lots of performances that I haven’t been to, and my brother is not doing enough school work, and I am no longer a teenager, and my room is clean. There are lots of 21st and engagement parties coming up which is very exciting. I have a field trip in 3 weeks. Matt nearly has a job at uni. Only a couple of months until the summer holidays. I can’t stop biting my fingernails. Things are tense with my mum. My bicycle has a rack. I have broadband now. The weather is cold. Small group is irregular but good. I am reading a long N.T. Wright book, even though I can’t find enough time to do my uni reading. I should write those last 1000 words.


10 thoughts on “Do you have a friend called Thanatos?

  1. Anonymous


    HAPPY BIRTHDAY spally!!
    wow so old now 🙂 i will call you sometime soon to wish you a proper happy birthday hehe

    youth group sounds awesome, i love hearing about your adventures!
    pooh hoo hoo yes i have so much uni work to do too!

    love, mon

    PS. doesn’t θαnατως mean “death”??

    Ekhristos anesti ek nekron thanato thanaton patisas ke tis en tis emnimasi zoin kharisa-menos.
    Christ is risen from the dead. By death, He trampled death and granted eternal life to those in the grave.

  2. lostcharliegirl

    Happy birthday m’dear. I’m really sorry I never replied to your idea of north email (even though you said you didn’t expect replies), but you sent it to the email address that I check like once a month 😛 Hope you enjoyed it & enjoy leaving teenagedom. (i’m leaving it soon, too!)

  3. vroni

    Hey hey…
    It’s good to hear an update about you 🙂 I’m glad that things are going well for you..hehe…the youth group sounds like a handful, but I’m sure you love it! 🙂 …and uni will be over soon enough! 😛
    Where are you going for your field trip? 😉


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