Last night at St James

I decided that I would have a final night at st James to make sure I left well, so last night I went back. All up, it was probably the best service to have as my last one. I am completely assured that I belong at St John’s now, but at the same time I’ll miss st James a lot. Here are some things that happened on the night of my last service:

● I had dinner with some of the girls from the bible studies I have been in over the last couple of years.

● I walked into church and found out that they had already taken my nametag away. I had to make a new one and I looked like a visitor:
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● The very first song we sang was one of my favourites that I have only ever sung at st James. The fist time I sung it was the first night I went to church and had no friends, but a whole lot of older people talked to me. After that night all those years ago, I felt like I was part of St James. It was sad and lovely to remember on the night I was leaving.

● At that point I realised it would be the last time for awhile I would be singing at church with a guitar in the music team (St John’s music team is much smaller than st James)

● My friend Blake, who I used to lead youth group with, gave his testimony. He talked a lot about the accident he had on our youth group camp. He said lots of things about that time that I had no idea about. I know now how much of a miracle it was that he survived and thank God that He was doing a better job than me.

● Jason (assistant minister) gave a fantastic sermon. I love Jason’s sermons even more than our senior ministers.

● We had communion, which is pretty much the best thing ever and so great to celebrate it on my last night with them.

● At the end we sung “Rock of Ages”, and the congregation sung so loudly and with such enthusiasm that I couldn’t hear the musicians.

So that was that. It was a lovely evening.
And now it’s uninterrupted attendance at st John’s! Yay!


7 thoughts on “Last night at St James

    1. Alison Post author

      St John the Baptist, in Ashfield (the parish next door). I went with Matt. He likes the minister, and I wanted to go to a smaller church. Everyone wins!

    1. Alison Post author

      Cause I didn’t put it on livejournal 😛
      No, actually I haven’t really been announcing it, unless people ask “how is church going?” or something along those lines.

      1. lixila

        i’m a little hurt by that comment, even though i know you’re joking. the fact that we barely see each other is something i find sad, not something i want to make flippant jokes about.
        but then again i’m having a bad week.

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