Back from NTE!

I am back from NTE, or the National Training Event – a huge nationwide conference of Evangelical uni students in Canberra, followed up by a week of mission with a church somewhere in your home city. This year wasn’t as exciting as last year, I think cause I was very tired, but it was still good. The mission I went on wasn’t quite in Sydney, it was in Bundanoon, halfway between Canberra and Sydney. Here is the team of people that went to Bundanoon:

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It was great. The lady I was staying with was lovely and interesting and I want to be just like her when I am 70. She is so passionate about looking after people and serving God in everyway possible. Jen, a first year vet student, was staying with me and she is wonderful getting to know her, as well as all the other new people I met. The parish we were working in was very different to Sydney Parishes – it was pretty spread out, and a much older congregation.

One of the best things we did was visit the nursing home for their weekly communion service. I met some really lovely people. One lady, Anne, she was so cool. She is from Belfast. She shared her hymn book with me, cause I didn’t know any of the words, and she held my hand and laughed with me, and sung with enthusiasm when she had the energy. I want to be just like her when I am 90.

Home from NTE, I have found my family in the midst of frantic christmas preperation. There are lots of parties to cook for and buy presents for, and lots of cleaning to do. I ironed nearly a whole lounge of ironing today. It was even worse than usual, cause I have been sick these last couple of days and all I really want to do is sleep it away. Oh well.


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