Learning about Marx and co. And other things.

3rd year is so much cooler than I expected it to be. It’s much less intimidating to talk in class discussions and I feel like a know a lot more of my course friends a lot better. Thanks to last year’s field trip I know most of the people in my Geography courses, and my status as a pseudo-social work student means that I know enough sociology people to make me feel at home. I’m learning about Marx, and state vs region debates, and the difficulty of reading Foucault, and models of power in society, and the Mekong river basin, and regional development in two different contexts.

As for all those things in my last entry that I was a little apprehensive about, they are all still functioning. Sometimes I feel like I am treading water so hard and only just staying afloat, but other times it is a real joy to be serving in so many ways. Some things have been especially good. My timetable is pretty good, my small group is lovely, the jobs that I have to do for Public Meetings have come together nicely. Scripture teaching is definitely an experience. Controlling the kids is really hard, but they are still lovely. Some of them are really funny when they muck up. I know I shouldn’t encourage it or I will regret it later, but sometimes they make me want to laugh out loud. This week they had to draw pictures of Abraham and the promises that God made him. A couple of boys had to draw Abraham being a blessing and his name being famous among the nations. In a very creative (although possibly rebellious) move, they drew Abraham as a rock star. It was hilarious, and when we were comparing pictures, it made the class laugh so hard that I couldn’t make them quiet again.

Another really encouraging thing happened today when I met up with a girl who had mentioned during O-Week that she was interested in finding out about Christianity. She is a international student from mainland China who had never really heard anything about Christianity before, and was so excited that she brought her friend to meet up too. They both took home bibles and we are going to meet up regularly to read together. And they are coming to church on Sunday. I had never seen people that hungry before.

And finally, Matt has a new job – a good, contracted, intellectually rewarding, enjoyable, relevant, useful job. We are very excited. He is looking forward to buying more books. I am looking forward to him buying a washing machine and health cover.


12 thoughts on “Learning about Marx and co. And other things.

  1. smileystar03

    its really great to hear from you Spal! Been thikning of you lately. Sounds like life for you is busy but rewarding 🙂 Nice to hear your confidence and all the new thing s youre doing 🙂 and Yay for Matt. Hope you have a great week 🙂 Love and Hugs

  2. oab

    Well, someone from mainland china , all they likely heard of christianity is basically the FUD that the government spreads through the media. So, keep that in mind, and (I’m sure you are aware of this already), don’t plunge head-first, it would be too easy to become confused and have her ultimately believe that teh government is right.

    Marx was a smart guy, somewhat misguided, but a smart guy. That being said, there has never been a “pure” communist state, its always failed in some way or another.

    1. panich

      It’s because those who preach “equality” are greedy. And the fact that history shows that people get tired of picking up other people’s slack and not getting paid any more for it.

    1. Alison Post author

      Yay! I’m glad you like it 🙂
      You can have it if you want and I can get me a different one. Or, I can give you a different one?

      1. tibbycat

        Oh it’s good, but you keep it 🙂
        But you have other office icons? Ooo. I’m curious.

        btw, hello Spally. It’s been awhile. sup yo?

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