Autumn Time!!

It’s getting colder!

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I came home tonight and big spider had spun a web above our driveway.
I think it looks like a crab.


4 thoughts on “Autumn Time!!

  1. tibbycat


    The bible translators were wrong. The devil didn’t appear to Eve as a serpent. He appeared as a spider.

    Snakes are cute. Spiders however are evil.

  2. kazza2085

    I agree with Kel PLEASE put it behind a cut!!

    I can’t even stand the extirminator ads that show a redback!! (I freak out at fake spiders and cartoon pics of them)

  3. c_patrick

    “the crack cocaine spider decided that building webs was for ‘suckas’, waited ’till the caffeine spider was exhausted, then crept up behind it, and popped a cap in is ass.”


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