Freak out

Well some of you may remember a few years ago when Kylz and Simon were visiting Sydney and we had a chapel meet which ended up with jamming in Hyde Park.

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Anyway. We met some Mormons.

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I came home this evening to find my dad watching Today Tonight (ugh) and that Mormon there playing the guitar was on the TV, in a puff piece on and Day in the Life of a Mormon. His name is Dennis.

In other news I accidently slammed my head in a car door this evening and it really hurts.

12 thoughts on “Freak out

  1. springdove

    Eeeeh. That IS a bit weird. It’s like seeing the name of someone you know in a movie or something.

    Is Mormonism popular in Australia? As you might guess, it’s quite popular here in the States, having been founded here.

    1. Alison Post author

      It’s not that common, they’re perceived as a cult rather than a religion, but I think it’s a little bigger numerically than a cult.

      1. dumsum

        Though there’s no real distinction except for a social/numerical aspect between a cult and a religion. Both boil down to “doing what your leader tells you” (in our case our leader is most likely Jesus)

      2. tibbycat

        I read a book last year called kingdom of the cults that argued extensively that there is a difference.

        However, I’ve forgotten what their argument actually entailed, which doesn’t help much here I know.

        Anyway, carry on.

      1. skywaters

        Unfortunately yes… it was very uncomfortable, especially as he wanted to start debating again.. Eventually I had the table transferred..

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