I need you

After a very long and tiring day of working my spirit down to wafer thin, I drove home with Relient K on the stereo, and my song of choice was “I Need You”.

So, after I got home, I was washing up while I was waiting for my bedsheets to dry and thought a little bit about what Christians say when they tell God that they need them. What do we mean? What do we need God for? What do we need God to do? The Relient K song talks about feeling empty – an emotional need, but today my need was very much physical. I am physically tired, and physically drained, and I need God to give me some physical energy and some physical help in the form of other people. Thank heavens God meets all sorts of needs! I know he will keep providing 🙂

My thoughts were further compounded because of some reflecting that our bible study did today on “spiritual gifts” – the concept that God gives different people in the church different gifts and talents and roles to play so that the church can function as a body – everyone doing different but complementary things so that it all works well. It was an interesting study. For the first time, it really dawned on me that this spiritual gift thing is not an individual idea, but a communal one. I am guilty of having previously thought about gifts as “what has God given me to make me special in the church so I can do my own particular work?” Totally wrong. The gifts God gives us, he gives us to serve others. It’s beautiful.

My problem is reconciling these two ideas. “I Need You” is such an individualistic phrase. How does my desire to have my own needs met fit in with serving my brothers and sisters?

I guess I have to keep remembering that needs don’t stop with me. God provides for us as individuals, but he also uses us to provide for each other.

Just a late night rambles. Have an excellent Wednesday!


4 thoughts on “I need you

  1. springdove

    My 87 cents

    I’ve been thinking about your post for about a day now, especially since Livejournal was down last night, and I couldn’t respond. 🙂

    Ever since college, at least, the idea that holiness is comprised of two parts: social and personal, has been quite important to me. Modern Christians seem to get the personal holiness part really well…it’s what we’re bombarded with at church, it’s in our songs, it’s in books…it’s everywhere. It’s the social part that often gets left out, though I’ve seen the movement toward remembering it becoming stronger in the past several years.

    I think saying “I need you to God” is something that reminds us who we are and that we really can’t do it all on our own. Obviously, when I’m feeling particularly drained or upset or whatever, it’s that immediate “need” of which I’m thinking. But, it’s also a general idea, that we all need God…that none of us would be here if it weren’t for Him.

    But you ask, how does the individual “I need you” go with the corporate cry of the brothers and sisters? I’ve found that in my own life, when I draw back and focus in solely on my own needs, I tend to feel only more drained and broken and messy and just generally pooh. (I have a whole year of that to point to and still have times now…) However, when I acknowledge my emptiness and pain and yet still go do the work I know God wants me to do, I come home filled up and better. In short, it seems that my needs ARE to serve my brothers and sisters.

    Of course, serving is different for different people. That’s where the gifts come in, yeah? Preaching isn’t going to fill everyone up, but if it’s your gift, and you do it, you may still be tired, but you’ll be exhilarated. My example comes from last year. There were several weeks when I did not feel like going to lead my 6th grade girls’ Bible study. However, I did it because it was my commitment, and I love those girls. I found that, though I went tired and drained and basically not so happy, I left feeling happier and more energized. God’s amazing that way.

    So…yeah, I just commented a whole bunch of stuff, and I hope some of it makes sense. I was just kind of letting my thoughts about what you said ramble where they would. 🙂

    Oh yes, and I hope you are feeling better. 🙂


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