This weekend was an awkward, and I pine for communities that I will never ever be part of again. Like the random collection of gig friends who I used to run into every month or two. And the girls from dancing who don’t recognise me or talk to me anymore.

Here is a neat idea from Lucy, who played 20 random songs on her computer and then wrote the memories that they brought back.

1. Minority – Green Day [Dariya Kaing’s year 8 punk phase, particulary when Sam Thorne made fun of here in Art class]
2. New Song In My Heart – Nathan Tasker [A drive to Palm Beach, at night, with Saz and Brad]
3. Adagio (Summer) – Vivaldi [Catching the train from Venice to Vienna]
4. Motown Never Sounded So Good – Less Than Jake [Singing with Paul Liao at afternoon tea, in first year]
5. Get Off – The Dandy Warhols [Singing with Alix in Manning, in first year]
6. Playing Games – John Reichardt [Taking the train to Epping with Jess Santosa to watch John Reichardt play]
7. Winter Fields – Standing Tall [Hanging out with the bands at the Undaground]
8. Take My Hand – Ben Harper and the Blind Boys of Alabama [The guilty feeling of buying a CD because the cover looks good]
9. Tisbury Lane – Mae [The glory days of the Crying Out Loud forum]
10. Sweet Angel – Blind [Saz and I went on our first real road trip to chase a band when we went to Wollongong to see Blind]
11. That’s how the story ends – Five Iron Frenzy [I was so sad that I missed Five Iron]
12. All The Hype – Five Iron Frenzy [When Brad says Hype you do or die]
13. Out of Egypt, into the great laugh of Mankind, and I shake the dust from my sandals as I run – Sufjan Stevens [Driving places with Matt]
14. Fly Away – go_roko [Lauren and Kate and Joy dancing]
15. Prolegomenon – Crying Out Loud [Too many memories to put in these brackets]
16. Saturday – Olivia the Band [My 19th birthday. And also bike riding through Marrickville with my iPod in.]
17. Hyakugojyuichi – Pokemon soundtrack [Robert Bautista used to make me rad mp3 CDs]
18. I’m not Ashamed – Newsboys [Wilmo also made a me a rad CD]
19. Prelude (Coppelia) – Delibes [Coppelia is the best ballet I have ever seen]
20. Samuel Goldenburg and Schmuyle – Mussorgsky [Falling in love with classical music in year 8]


5 thoughts on “Reminiscence

  1. waterphaerie

    That’s reallly cool.
    I havent heard go_roko in ages. No idea where to find any of their stuff, either. Come to think of it it’s ages since i lisnted to Crying Out Loud or Five Iron, either.
    Bur maybe i will do that today! 😀

    1. albatrossy


      i listend to crying out loud on the weekend, i plugged my MP3 player into car stereo and made Myk-O and Paul (my minister) listen to good solid christian music….like Crying Out Loud and Maverick and Playjerise…good times. we had 3 hours straight of such music. Woo

    1. Anonymous

      I only know of Surfjan Stevens from that Snow Patrol song (which I don’t like incidentally). Never heard any songs by that artist.


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