So close to the end

The semester is nearly up, and I can’t wait.
I spent today doing my only study so far, chilling in the computer lab with Bill and Adrian from geography. We laughed and then freaked out over the apparent inability of our lecturer to put together a coherent assessment, and then we played scrabble.

Here follows a list of things I am looking forward to doing this summer starting Thursday evening, in a vaguely chronological order:

Making a video for a conference I am going on. Taking the pictures down from my walls. Cleaning out my wardrobe. Wasting time on Facebook. Getting Matt’s computer fixed. Watching good children’s TV like Hey Arnold. Watching bad children’s TV like Lizzie Maguire. Watching Oklahoma. Going to Club Veg. Buying furniture. Celebrating Matt’s birthday. Buying sweets to give away at the wedding. Voting. Visiting five grandparents. Going bike riding. Going to the beach. Inviting people to church. Sending Christmas cards. Finishing scripture well. Helping a random church for a week. Doing Christmas. Seeing Sufjan Stevens. Getting my wedding dress. Getting our wedding rings. Exchanging our wedding rings. Getting a new name. Going on holidays. Reading Weber. Reading Wright. Reading Austen. Watching endless DVDs of TV shows. Catching up with about 5 million people. Planning for public meetings. Catching up on the sleep I lost this year.

Argh!! Roll on Friday morning!!

5 thoughts on “So close to the end

  1. pinhead22886

    I’ve been let down by best friends in this lifetime and I cant measure the distance that lies between us.

    I know I’ll cry when I see you in white and him in tails, can I tell the tales of those times we laughed and times we cried….?


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