Big catch up

So, I am supposed to be writing a short paper about the theories of this guy called Richard Florida. I picked him because we studied him in Regional Geography last year so I don’t have to do so much work. I pulled out my notes from last year and found some very handy comments I had scribbled down, as well as some very mean comments about Florida himself. Poor man. This will probably be a pretty biased assignment.

But instead, I am going to catch up some things that have happened since last post. In pictures.

We made our first cake.

We had the car for a day. So we went to
Bundanoon. And other places in the Southern Highlands too.

Here is Matt

We went to Bundanoon Anglican where I went for NTE.

And we went to Morton National Park.

And we did other things, but the camera ran out of batteries.

We also participated in Earth Hour with Sarah and Dan!

Time for work.


6 thoughts on “Big catch up

  1. tibbycat

    Does Richard Florida live in Florida? Because, he should.

    Woo cake. You made good cupcakes! 🙂

    I spent ‘Earth Hour’ in a car, burning fossil fuel :/


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