Some stressful things happened today. I wish that I didn’t get so stressed over little things like that.

A non-stressful thing involved pausing on my way to uni from Redfern station to watch some ibis birds. They were congregating around a very big puddle of water in one of the yards next to the railway tracks and the whole thing looked like a concrete wetland.

I got a B+ in my mid semester urban planning feedback, which should put me somewhere in the middle of the class.

At 22 years old, you’d think I’d have learnt by now to not be intimidated by North Shore kids. Sometimes they make me wish that I’d not worn my old jeans and a hoodie that day, and that I’d remembered to brush my hair. It makes me wish I could drink coffee so I could have the energy to make exciting conversation.

I like that EU kids and the kids in the Geography are so forbearing when I make boring conversation. Feel the love <3.


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  1. tibbycat

    I talked to an ibis bird yesterday on the way home from work while walking to Redfern station. He was searching for food out of a big garbage dump when he saw me and quickly flew up to the roof. I told him he was beautiful but he said, “yeah, I know, but go away before I fly back down”.

    What clothes do North Shore kids wear?

    Your new userpic rules the school.

  2. Alison Post author

    I’m doing pretty well (obscure stressful day aside!). Do you want to catch up some time? It would be nice to see you again! Maybe dinner?

    You ran into Wendy? I haven’t done that in ages! I didn’t even know she was still at uni. I will have to keep an eye out.

  3. darvids0n

    I don’t get intimidated unless someone’s deliberately intimidating. Doesn’t matter if I’m chatting to Joel Wallman about his 5,000 HDs or watching the fiftieth sharply dressed uni student pass me by with a confident breeze following them. I guess I find it pretty easy to just relax though.. also God’s pretty cooltastic, and if I’m ever feeling intimidated it’s that fear I occasionally have of God, you know, because He’s so freaking powerful and perfect. Crazy stuff, but then again, the cross puts it in perspective for me. “If God is for us, who can be against us?” No-one, in fact.

    We should totally catch up.


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