skeletal post.

I was definitely going to wrote something that would be enjoyable to read, but I am too tired. Instead here is a boring list of things that I have done recently. I will enjoy reading this in a year’s time when I get bored and look back through my journal to see what I did in December 2008.

1. I have one more semester of uni left.
2. I have watched some old 1950s musicals.
3. Matt got a lemon tree for his birthday. We are trying to make sure it stays alive long enough to grow lemons.
4. I started work at Anglicare. It is fun, especially when the maps get printed on the laser printer onto A3 paper. They look hot.
5. I got offered extra work by a non denominational organisation that partners with Anglicare – the National Church Life Survey (NCLS). They are almost a Christian version of the Australian Bureau of Statistics. I make maps for them too.
6. I got sunburnt with Saz. We also went up a lighthouse and caught a ferry.
7. Later that day, Dan and I lost a game of 500 in a spectacularly terrible way.
8. I went on mission to St Peters church. It was pretty much amazing.
9. I met up with Dave again. It was also pretty much amazing.
10. I met Kat! It was PRETTY MUCH AMAZING!!
11. I received my uni results – first ever high distinctions in Geography and Social Policy ever! That’s right! I got two!!
12. I need to spend more time with my sister. I like her. I wish she could drive.

Time for bed.

4 thoughts on “skeletal post.

    1. tibbycat

      It’s been awhile since I’ve seen you Dave. When Chris gets back to Australia in May, we’re going to download Megaman 9 and have a Megaman party. You should come. It’s going to be totally awesome.


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