Because showing off my music makes me feel good.

This was on Kristi’s livejournal!

Put your iTunes on shuffle and write down the first line of the first twenty songs. Post the poem that results. The first line of the twenty-first is the title.

“When I find myself in times of trouble”

Her face is cracked from smiling;
Jam jam jam, that’s the way we’re travelling;
Tasted all the wine.

She crept back in the house at half past three,
I met this girl she looks like Axl Rose,
Well first of all, I’d like to say…

My life has been a tapestry –
Your Uncle Walter’s going on and on
One day one woman asked him.

We thought we’d write a song.
For a long time I felt without style or grace
I’ve got a small friend.

Standing on the corner of a city street
OK so, who doesn’t own a cell phone?
A kick in the ass, it’s coming.

A woman made a man,
My hand in yours,
I don’t rock the jukebox.

He bakes bread in the morning
So faithful, so few.

I hope that totally rocked your world.
I’m going to do some washing.


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