Christmas and following.

Well we have had December and half of January and they have been very nice.
Our first married Christmas was rockin’ and so much less stress than I expected.


That is our tree and the presents for all the family and stuff. I like that our tree is shorter than the presents.

After Christmas and New Year was CMS summer school. I have never been to one before, and I feel like I have been missing out. I would like to go to every summer school for the rest of my life. I was going to list highlights, but the list is too long to keep anyone’s attention. Suffice to say it was fantastic, and seriously made me rethink what I want to do over the next ten years. The new people I met there were inspirational, I loved living at the YHA and seeing old friends I heardly ever see, and I loved being part of the massive community there who see that God cares about the whole world.

After that week, it is back to work, to make up the money I didn’t make over the last two weeks, and also to pay for my dentist appointment this morning. Blergh. Work is ok, but kind of mundane, particularly at the newsagency. I would really love to take a holiday and go to the beach or something, but staffing arrangements at the moment are such that not going to get time off anytime soon. But I feel the end of my newsagents career is in sight. This realisation makes me feel good.


2 thoughts on “Christmas and following.

  1. tibbycat

    Nice tree. Bigger than our non-existent one this Christmas.

    Glad you had fun at Katoomba. I didn’t this year but maybe next year :p
    It is nice the community aspect though. I miss that.


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