Reporting from CMS Canberra Mission Focus.

As a helpful CMS wife, I am sitting here in the foyer of St John’s Cathedral, Reid, somewhere in Canberra, listening in on Missionary presentations that I heard during Summer School and waiting for time to pass. It’s been a very pleasant Friday night and Saturday morning. I have sat here
with my computer chilling, and helping with rego when I am needed.

Some things have been lame, primarily the fact that my wisdom teeth are giving me lots of trouble and I have been ingesting lots of painkillers to overcome my hurting face. Actually, that’s really the only thing, and it’s only a problem when my painkillers wear off every three and a half hours.

There aren’t as many missionaries here as there were at Summer School, but there are still some very fun ones! My favourites at the moment are Kees and Cindy Bootsma. They are a wonderful couple who have been serving a church in Tanzania for awhile. They wear matching Tanzanian outfits and Kees has some sort of strange accent. I can’t work out where he is from, although from his name I am hazarding a guess that it is either Dutch or South African. He also wears shorts and long socks. Missionaries are cool people. They have been involved in running marriage seminars in a whole heap of churches near where they live to try and combat the problem of domestic violence and rape. They tread a very fine line between trying to impart a biblical view of marriage without all the Western cultural baggage they carry with them. It sounds very difficult, but apparently the seminars are going very well. More and more churches are asking the Bootsmas to run them, and many pastors are telling stories about church families (and some times even the pastors own families!) where husbands have learned to appreciate their wives, where beatings have stopped and where wives have in turn appreciated their husbands more. It sounds pretty rad.

It’s the last day of summer. I’ll have to put this icon away tomorrow.


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