I played netball yesterday and it was great.
Firstly it was great because we won. We beat a team of teenage girls who were so young that even the youngest people on my team were saying things like “What the hell that girl is five years younger than me, she went to my primary school”. And we beat them. It was very good, because they were all very violent, and also very whiny and complained to the umpires a lot. My partner jabbed me in the ribs with her elbows whenever I was standing in her way, which sometimes made it harder to breathe. But we won, so that was the best way to vent our frustration.
Secondly I wasn’t completely dead when I finished. Somehow I am getting a little bit fitter.
Thirdly I really like my netball team. They are nice, nicer than the last team I played on. Also my friend Monica is on it, and I like seeing her every week.

More riveting posts will appear soon. A side note: I do realise that this icon is actually of basketball, but that’s ok. I think it is one of the only times I can get away with a picture from Holly’s Heroes.


6 thoughts on “

    1. tibbycat

      Or water polo. I remember seeing the under the pool water footage from the Olympic Games. There was a lot of testicular torsion involved.

      1. pinhead22886

        She’s 11, turning 12, but she’s playing under 13s. They don’t even play advantage! They lose so much game time mucking around with free passes! So frustrating!

        My brothers and I nearly got barred from the court at her grand final two years ago. Who knew you’re not allowed to constantly heckle the umpires and the other team at an under 10s competition???

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