A day in the life of CMS

Earlier this year, Matt has been helping to work on video for CMS’s financial appeal. I think it is a fantastic video. I’ve put it up here, not because I think you need to give them money, but just because it’s a fantastic snapshot of what CMS is doing. So if you have ever heard me mention CMS and you don’t know what I am talking about, or if when you imagine “missionaries” you still see prim pasty English people teaching Pacific Islanders how to play cricket, please watch this. It’s a wonderful video for seeing the scope of the work that goes on around the world that CMS is involved in.


6 thoughts on “A day in the life of CMS

  1. kazza2085

    But, I thought it was all about prime pasty Poms teaching pacific islanders to play cricket – way too totally smash my understanding… Okay not really I go to a CMA (Christian & Missionary Alliance) College in the US so we’re all about missions.

    It’s a good video – I didn’t know it was only $245 a day – thats really not that bad – I mean I couldn’t give it (last time I saw that much money was so long ago I don’t remember) but, it’s not bad for a working family.

    1. Alison Post author

      It stands for Church Missionary Society. It’s a very old fashioned name, but it’s also a very old school organisation. It was started by British evangelicals around the same time as the RSPCA and the anti-slave trade movement that Wilberforce led and other evangelical movements like that. They were the missionary organisation that sent the minister who came to Australia on the first fleet 😛

      Yay missions!

      1. kazza2085

        Sounds kind of similar to the C&MA from the total knowledge I have of C&MA – bahahahah I soo don’t pay attention in class

      2. Anonymous

        CMS is older though. They were officially founded in 1799, although they effectively started around 1786.

  2. smileystar03

    i can’t see the video cos i’m on the school’s server, but i will come back and watch it!! i am a local missionary too, and it’s funny how people don’t think that you can be a missionary outside of Africa or PNG or something. Although Fusion does work in Africa, Jamaica, China, Indonesia, UK, Canada etc etc too.. 🙂

    it’s great stuff!


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