The end is near #2

It is time for my second installment as I wind down from university life.

There are three weeks to go, and life is feeling very much in the fast lane. In three week’s time, I will have only one outstanding assessment. It will be Vras’ and I’m not actually sure when the deadline is. I have three weeks left to have lunch and coffee with all the people I need to for old time’s sake. I have three weeks left to wrap up eu things and hand over public meetings to the new person… whoever they are. The executive is still working it out.

A couple of years ago, my friend Jacob graduated and he counted down the remaining hours he had until he could count on his fingers! I think I am getting to that point. There is still so much to do and I don’t know how to fit it in. I’ve started wondering if I am doing things for the last time. Is this my last time in the education computer lab? Is this my last time in the university post office? Is this my last (and first!) time in the new luxurious law building? Is this the last time I sit underneath the statue of Gilgamesh? No, it can’t be. I have to go back and say goodbye to all these places! The thing though is when can I fit it in?

But first of all, time to go to class. I am 45 minutes late.


6 thoughts on “The end is near #2

  1. albatrossy

    thats’ kinda cool…an kinda exciting, and sad and scary and all that jazz. you know what i realised….despite me finishing 6 months after you, my last semester is all prac…so i am almost in the same position…i too am nearing the end of my lazy (yet hectic and stressfl and busy) uni days.

    we should so hang out.

    1. waterphaerie


      So you won’t be on campus next semester????????????


      I haven’t even thought about my end of sarah at uni and now i only have 2 weeks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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