The end is near: #4

It’s been an interesting day so far. My last Tuesday at uni and I really do think I am letting it get to me.
This morning I read three psalms in succession. They were very good together: Psalms 113-115. One had a very global focus, one had a very Israel focus and the last one had both. But they were all about God’s glory and power and authority and graciousness to his people. I have been finding it harder to pray recently, but the Psalms this morning made it easy. While I sat at the station and waited for the train I prayed properly, not in the lip service ways that are so easy to fall into. I particularly asked God to help me be helpful in the ways I related to people today – to bring glory to him in my conversations rather than to elevate myself or slander other people (as is often the case).

Wow it was a good thing that I prayed about it this morning because there were heaps of opportunities today for me to do those things. But God was gracious. There were a couple of moments where stressful things happened with Public Meetings, but God gave me clarity of mind and instead of getting mad I was able to pray about things; I found myself being patient and humble. The one time that I broke down it was the exact moment that I ran into a very good and wise friend who had all the right words to say. And in all the other moments there were amazing friends who I didn’t realise I would miss until today. All throughout the the time before, during and after public meeting, they were there thanking me for my work, hugging me or praying for me. These guys were kids, they were the small fry who started uni two or three (or four!) years after me and I was the “leader” who get to watch out for them. But today they were there for me and it was a new thing and it was really really wonderful.

I have two hours of class left to go. And three essays.

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