9 thoughts on “Holidays

    1. Alison Post author

      Hehe! No, we had already planned to go there. They made that decision just a couple of days before we got there – we saw it on TV on our first night away. But they were still selling them in the place we got lunch! I guess maybe the ban doesn’t come in til they get rid of all their stock.

      1. dumsum

        They felt that water from the area being shipped to Sydney, bottled, shipped back and sold at a 30,000% profit, was ridiculous. Which it is.

  1. darvids0n

    Robertson! Iain Hart is from there! :O You’ve been everywhere, man… you’ve breathed the mountain air, man. I want to look up the location of every town in that song just so I can plan a roadtrip to visit all of them.


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