It’s been a while but I haven’t been avoiding Livejournal. There are several unposted posts in my head. It’s much harder to find time to write here since I started work.

Work is good. It’s different, and I get tired, but ultimately I think it is good.

The best part of working in Parramatta is the community piano. Some time ago there was a public art installation in the CBD which consisted of a number of pianos left in various places on the street for anyone to play on. I guess they all got given away at the end of the exhibition because one of them now lives on the porch out the front of the Police Citizens and Youth Club around the corner from my office. It’s painted bright blue. It one had the words “PLAY ME” printed across the front, but it has been vandalised little and now it says “LAY ME”. Most afternoons, when I walk past on my way to the station, the doors and windows of the club are open. There are tough kids hanging out on the steps, a karate class inside, some people using boxing equipment upstairs and the sound of people playing games. And most days there is someone on the piano – always someone different – playing Tchaikovsky or Chopin or Rachmaninov. It’s beautiful. It comes floating through the air as I walk closer, and then it fades away into the noise of the traffic and the trains.


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