I must be getting old.

My parents are coming out tonight to hang out with some of my friends and I am excited at the though of introducing them to each other. What is happening to me!?


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  1. darvids0n

    I think you might be losing your desire to keep friends separate from parents because it’s like two different worlds, with one being a lot cooler. It’s something I definitely wanted a lot as a teenager and I think I’m starting to lose it a bit as well 😛

    1. Alison Post author

      My Mum and Dad are coming (they are trying to bring my brother and sister too!)
      So if everyone comes there will be 9 people on my table. I am awesome, or at least more awesome than I thought I was on Friday.

  2. tibbycat

    Welcome to old age.

    …from a 29 year old who was amused by the look of SHOCK on a 17 year old’s face at church last night when he learnt that I am 29.

    p.s. How’s things going? I need to see High School Musical 2, hehe. I’m excited about my parents doing some cleaning up/fixing up to our house so that when that is finished later this year you guys can come over and meet my parents then. I’m not a teenager anymore who’s embarrassed of them (well, except my dad, sometimes, but that’s okay).

    1. Alison Post author

      I still get embarassed by my dad too. I haven’t forgotten about HSM! (I never forget about HSM…) The next couple of weeks, however are super intense. Matt is organising two conferences on consecutive weekends, and our house is in uproar, to possibly quote a Jane Austen novel.

      1. tibbycat

        Heh, does yours tell lame dad-jokes? Mine does. So does Chris & Steph’s. It’s amusing being at their place when their dad is trying to be funny and watching them groan.
        Woo. No worries, as the next couple of weeks are super intense for me too as I race for time to get my application for tafe and the accompanying portfolio all in before the due date. Maybe in a month or two then? 🙂

      2. tibbycat

        Sounds like a plan! 😀

        Ditto 🙂
        He makes some impressive arguments.
        It reminds me of a modern day version of Mere Christianity, outlining what Christianity is all about and answering the major objections that people have. I like it.

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