Saturday was brilliant! I did three new things.

Firstly, I went to my very first craft group with some girls from my church. In fact, it was the first craft group that we have ever held. That sounds very old-lady-like, but it was actually very fun. Everyone had a different project going: knitting, patchwork quilting, card making, beading, embroidery, crochet. It was all so pretty.

Secondly, I went to my very first tap dance class at the Sydney Dance Company. I know that pretty much no one who reads this tap dances, so you may not know the absolutely awesome feeling it is to make music with your feet (to quote George from Play School). Well, it is an awesome feeling, and it had been almost five years since feeling it! I’m looking forward to going again.

Thirdly, I went to my very first football match. It was the Socceroos vs the Nederlands, and no one scored any goals. So pretty much we watched a game for a couple of hours and at the end, nothing had actually changed. It was kind of like watching an episode of the Simpsons, except a tiny bit less interesting. But still fun.


2 thoughts on “S’wonderful

  1. Alison Post author


    Yes, I agree! I still haven’t invited you over for dinner yet! -__- Are you free on weeknights, or do you like weekends better?


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