Christmas came and went much too fast for my liking this year. It was my first full-time-worker Christmas, and it was so different. There was no long holiday before Christmas to organise presents, clean the house, enjoy the pleasures of advent and squirm in the pain of pre-Christmas commercial madness. I worked right up to Christmas Eve, the next day I woke up and it was Christmas – BAM! – and then the next thing I knew I was falling asleep and Christmas Day was over. Way too fast!

That being said, advent in full time work still has its moments, especially at Anglicare. There was the annual office decorating competition, a lovely and silly staff party with trivia and costumes and a fantastic church service for all the workers and volunteers. All those things added something special to work in December. To decorate our little section of the office, we decided to string over a hundred little angels made out of recycled brown paper and foil. They looked so good and made the office feel very Christmas-y:



As well as that we had the annual Anglicare Christmas chocolate sale, which involves the selling off of all the chocolate that people donate to go into Christmas hampers. Remember this: Chocolate counts as a ‘perishable good’. (The chocolate melts in the vans that they transport the hampers in, so they can’t use it at all.) I scored some very nice chocolates and biscuits for gifting, and also a very nice High School Musical advent calendar to decorate my desk with.


Christmas Eve was uplifting (dinner with friends, spontaneously seeing more friends, a beautiful and encouraging church service)
Christmas Day was tiring (driving around Sydney to multiple family events)
Boxing Day was up and down (a nice day with my Mum’s family but coming down with some awful allergies)
Today was mundane (sleeping off the sickness and watching TV)
Tommorrow will be the last day of my Christmas holiday (then it’s back to work!)


2 thoughts on “Gloria!

  1. albatrossy

    I can definately relate to the first Christmas as a full-timer. It’s definately not as…relaxed. I really felt the lack of time for shopping and cleaning.
    I’m glad Anglicare Christmas is fun. I love the angels, they are awesome!!!


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