Exciting news!

It’s been on the cards for awhile but the time has definitely come to go public with this… Matt has a new job!

Starting in two weeks, he will begin a new job with the Evangelical Union Grads Fund, the organisation made up of and supported by Christian graduates from Sydney Uni who think that the Evangelical Union (EU) does a good job in sharing good news about Jesus with the rest of the campus. Matt will be part of the Howard Guiness Project, a two program that people can sign up to where they work alongside students in the EU in reaching out to the campus and try out full time Christian ministry for a couple of years. He will be one of 13 of these apprentice-type workers, affectionately called Howies, spending his days doing things like training students to run bible studies, encouraging them in their personal christian growth and and equipping them to spread the gospel in whatever way the campus needs to hear it. Matt will be spending most of his time working with students from Agricultural Science, Vetinary Science and PostGrad students from all faculties.

This will either sound really cool or really bizarre to you, depending on your own opinion of the value of Christian ministry, but I thought I would share it all anyway. And I think I would like to keep sharing stories about the things he will get to do, if they are entertaining enough!

The obvious flipside of this good news is that Matt is finishing up at CMS, which is very sad for both of us. The staff and missionaries that Matt has worked with since he started 3 years ago have been really wonderful to know and they have been inspiring models of serving God in lots of different contexts – in all sorts of occupations, all ages, all areas and communities across the world. And I’m including the accountants/ministers/techsavvy guys/writers/graphic designers that have worked in the office here in Sydney of course! So Matt’s last week at work will be next week at Summer School, the big CMS conference in Katoomba. We’ll be spending New Year’s with the staff and missionaries who happen to be at home, setting up the next day and then madly making a conference happen. Then it will be goodbye to CMS, and hello (again) to Sydney Uni!

Enough about Matt… my own news is that Anglicare have offered me a permanent full time position! Whoo!


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