Summer School 2010 #1

Regarding the multitude of Christian conferences that I attend, I usually try to keep the livejournal record concise, cause I’m concerned about boring people, especially people who have never been on one before. But summer school has been way too awesome to say nothing. So here follows a short series of posts and comments about random things that have grabbed my attention.

We’re almost finished at CMS summer school this year and I’m taking advantage of the free wireless to update during the session. I’m sitting on the asphalt at the back of a giant shed listening to two thousand people singing to God and praying for his kingdom to come. There are a few hundred people singing along in tents outside because we don’t all fit here. When I go outside during the singing there are enough people for the singing to be out of sync. The speed of sound letting me here everyone is slower than the speed of light letting me see everyone. It made me realise just how crazy it could sound when Jesus comes back and the millions or billions of his people sing in all the world’s languages, out of sync due to the slow speed of sound. Crazy!


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