I went home early today and I’m grabbing with two hands the chance to write here again. This will be another entry of disconnected thoughts.

The series on Summer School has had to stop with two. There is plenty more to say about the fantastic talks, issues among the Aboriginal communities in the Northern Territory (particularly those in and near Darwin) and also the most ridiculous children’s song I have ever heard, written for the occasion, combining beach safety and theology in a really unhelpful way. But hilarious. You can talk to me in person if you want to know more, or write me an email. Then I will indulge you.

I had a super crap day last week and I think I am still recovering from it.

My friend Steve wrote a very succint but thought provoking response to the earthquake in Haiti. You can read it here if you are interested.

On thursday night I sttempted sleep walking. I don’t remember it. Apparently I was asleep when Matt came to bed, but when he lay down, I sat up and told him that I needed to go to the nursing home and then started talking about aged care. He had to restrain me and make me lie down again. That kind of freaked me out hearing about it the next day.

My church is hosting free outdoor cinema every Friday for the next three weeks. More info here! This week’s movie is Wall-E.

The weekend was so nice. Saturday was a whirlwind – brunch with old church friends and then the afternoon with Brad, Chris, Jon and Simon. The day finished eating icecream on the floor of my friend’s mostly unfurnished apartment that she has just moved into. Sunday was anything but a whirlwind. Matt and I had decided that it would be our relax day cause we both really needed one. We watched the entire second season of the American version of the office in one go, which adds up to something like 8 hours of television. As much as I forever will love the true UK version, the American one became funny after the first couple of episodes and it started its own storylines and scripts. One thing I can say is that there is no way I would have been able to handle David Brent for 8 hours, so I guess that is something that the US version has going for it – it’s not as painful! But then can it really be the office without the pain? Ah, the very important questions that must be asked.

It’s our second anniversary tomorrow ^__^

My wisdom teeth are coming out in 10 days! Argh! All four of them. I’m going under, which is a first for me.


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  1. waterphaerie

    Ooh wisdom teeth. Yuck. I am going to the dentist first thing tomorrow and I fear I may have to have a similar thing. I hope it goes well! All the more excuse to eat jelly and icecream (but not together. Together is horrible).

    Also i would like to hear theology meets beach safety 😛

    1. Alison Post author

      The food is the scariest part! I can’t eat or drink all morning before my operation, which I think is in the afternoon, so I will be starving by thetime it happens. And then I won’t be able to eat afterwards, and when I finally can eat, it will mostly be foods that aren’t very nourishing, like ice cream. Delicious but not so nutritious…


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